21 Things – Adding PDFs to iBooks or Kindle


PDFs in my Kindle App
Reading apps, like iBooks and Kindle, provide many advantages to using traditional books, as I discussed in my previous post, 21 Things – ePub Readers. Additionally, reading apps provide the ability to add PDFs to the your device for future reading or review.

Accessing PDFs on my mobile device allows me to quickly pull up and review the document whenever, wherever on my mobile device, without having to connect to the Internet. Moreover, I do not have to search for the printed copy or sit in front of my laptop computer. I have accessed sports schedules, reports, and handbooks to be certain I am prepared for different events. 


PDF files in my iBooks App
 Saving PDFs to a mobile device allow a student to review or read them at another time, if he has access to the device. In a school with 1:1 device access or which allows student to bring their own devices (BYOD), students would be able to add the PDF to their device and access it later. They would not require Internet access at home. They could read the classic novel from the Gutenberg Project at home without Internet acceess. Students also could have access to the school handbook, if downloaded, so they can determine whether clothes meet the dress code. Assignment sheets, saved as a PDF, can be accessed to make sure they are meeting the guidelines for the assignment.

Are there other ways you have utiilized PDF files on  an iPad for yourself or students? If so, please share your experiences in the comments. Or you may email me your comments or feedback to marc@marcdaly.com. I look forward to discovering more options for using PDFs to enhance student learning.