21 Things – Changing Things with a Talking Avatar

The first day of the new school year is usually spent going over the classroom and school rules and classroom processes. Students and the teacher end up frustrated with the amount of time spent discussing or explaining rules andd processes. 

Why not change things and make it so you don’t have to talk all day? Here is an example of how to involve students in changing the process of introducing rules and process:

You can begin by using an app, like Tellagami, to create an avatar and sample message. Then engage your students in using the app to create presentations about different rules and processes. Tellagami has a 30-second limit, but you can purchase a 90-second pack that allows for 90-second messages. Other avatar apps and sites allow for longer avatars, but they are not always free. This will require an iOS or Android device. Cell phones that no longer have cell service can be used via WiFi like a tablet. Avatars apps can be made using a PC or Mac by searching for avatar creation in you browser. One of my colleagues utilizes Voki with her students.

In addition to using talking avatars to help introduce the rules and processes, they can be used to read a book to your class. Avatar creation sites on the PC or Mac can be found that teach different lessons. Or since they allow for longer times, they can be created to teach a lesson that could be used in a center during center time. Another way that talking avatars can be used is to allow each student to create their own talking avatar as an introduction.  

I have shared three way talking avatars can be used to support learning in the classroom. do you use talking avatars? Do you have ideas for using avatars to suupport learning in the classroom?  If so please share your experiences or feedback in the comments. Or you can give feedback about my avatar by email  – marc@marcdaly.com.