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EasyBib Citation – Recent PD Reading
Do you have students struggling to create Bibliographies and Cite sources in their papers? One way to help them is  through to introduce them to apps like EasyBib that make the creation of a bibliography possible by having th name of the book, the author, or the ISBN for the book.

EasyBib makes it simple because it will search for books by title or author. It also allows the user to search for the book by scanning the ISBN. I created the above list of books using a list of recent resources I have been reviewing for my current position. I did not have to know  the exact name of the book, I simply had to type in part of the Author’s last name or part of the title and search. I did not have the books handy at the time I created the list, so I did not use the scan feature. EasyBib also has a Chrome Extension for use with Google Chrome. The extension does not create a complete bibliography, so the writer will have to add items.

This is a much easier solution than the old way of having to lay it all out and type it in the bibliography. However, students will still need to know how to make citations within the paper. I only know of one way to cite sources in a paper without retyping the entire cite–Microsoft Word. Students have to enter the information into Microsoft Office, but they can tell the program where to place the citation.

What do you think about students using EasyBib or other bibliography creation apps? How do you teach using citations? Please share your ideas, experiences,  and feedback in the comments or email me – marc@marcdaly.com.