21 Things – Communicating  with Students and Parents

Want to send your students a reminder of a project due on Monday? Or remind them to bring their library book or gym shoes tomorrow? How do you communicate this without spending all night on the phone? Remind (formerly Remind 101) allows you to send these messages without violating the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 

With Remind you can send a group text to those who have signed up for your class messages. The service is free and easy for parents and students to join.

To use Remind, download the Remind App or go to Remind.com and create an account. After creating an account, create a class and choose a unique class code, then use the ‘Invite Students and Parents’ button to create an email to send. You can print flyers to send home, too. After they have joined the class, you send messages to all classes or one class at a time. 

Here is a screenshot of a class I have set up in Remind with a message sent to members of the class. 

Remind – Class and Message
 Having a Remind account allows you to communicate with students/parents without sharing your personal phone numbers. You can schedule a message to be sent out at a later time. This feature allows you to create the message when you are thinking about it, and send it when you want. Parents and students can sign up for Remind, so you don’t have to worry that students will forget to tell parents that they need a field trip form signed or that tomorrow is popcorn day.

An update, this week, has added a new Chat feature that allows you to send individual message and carry on a text conversation with a parent/student. The feature can be activated so parents/students can initiate the chat. You can set time schedules for when chats are allowed. Chats can be paused, too. This feature allows class members to initiate chats without sharing your personal cell phone number or worrying that members are contacting you during dinner or in the middle of the night.

 How do you use Remind? What do you see as the limitations? Please share your experiences, questions, and feedback in the comments or email me at marc@marcdaly.com.