21 things – Creating a Personal Magazine


Internet – true?
With the increasing amount of information and sources available on the Web, you can, quickly and easily, find and share relevant information with colleauges, students, and staff.

One way to share this information is through a curation app. Flipboard is a curation app that allows you to place articles and videos you want to share in one place, called a magazine. Additionally, you can save articles to read later.

Using Flip board I have created a magazine about Nurturing Student Growth. Click on the link provided to view the magazine and read a few of the articles.

Some of the best things about curation apps, like Flipboard, are the ability to share several items in one source, being able to provide one link instead of sending several different links, and having the information available to share later without searching for hours for the information.

Before choosing articles or items to share be sure to review and/or read the article item content to be certain it meets your purpose, and is right for your audience. Content that does not meet your purpose or is inappropriate for your audience can cause your audience to ignore your sharing. Also, if you overload your audiences with emails or sharing, your emails will be viewed similar to spam. Consequently, they will delete your links without reading or reviwing.

With other curation apps you have to be certain any links connected to the content are appropriate. I bookmarked an item on another curation site and when I came back to the content, the link led to an adult-themed Web site.