21 Things – Creating My Own Screencast

In my last blog post, 21 Things – Screencasting, I discussed the purpose and value of creating effective screencasts using ShowMe and Educrations. I provided two examples of effective screencasts created by teachers.

After reviewing several other screencasts, I decided to make my first attempt at creating a screencast. Since I am not a classroom teacher I chose to focus on creating a classroom Twitter account. I chose to use ShowMe as I found it slightly easier to use than Educreations. 

Here is my first attempt at creating a screencast: 

Let me know what you think about my screencast in the comments, on Twitter, or via email marc@marcdaly.com.

Screencasts can be very valuable in helping to provide differentiation or individualized learning. Classroom teachers can use them to provide directions for small groups or to teach certain skills. Tech educators can use screencasts to help staff and students learn to utilize specific tools, as I have done with my screencast. As a staff coach, screencasts allow me to connect with teachers on demand. They can watch the screencast to review items or gain ideas for implementation. 

I can create screencasts for a variety of reasons–here are three examples: 

  1. A screencast would be helpful to remind staff and students how to complete our Inschool Success Session (ISS) form. It can be watched as needed.
  2. I could create screencasts to introduce different qualities/values to students. Teachers can show these screencasts to students when they have class time. I would not have to be present in every classroom to introduce the ideas. 
  3. A screencast could be created to invite parents to our parenting class. The screencast could be embedded on my site or on the district home page inviting parents to participate in the class. The creation of this screencast would fall under Modification on the SAMR model as the screencast would replace the flyer sent home to parents in students’ Friday folders.

Please use the comments section to discuss ways you have used screencasts or provide ideas for how you could use screencasts. Or you can email me at marc@marcdaly.com. I look forward to discussing screencasts and ideas for further use.