21 Things – Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is a great way to engage students in sharing their own story or retelling a story. Two often-used, effective, free apps are available for digital storytellling. Sock Puppets allows the user to create a :30 video by choosing from 6 characters, 11 backgrounds, and 16 props. Premium options are available to increase the length of the project or have other options available. Puppet Pals 2 provides the ability to create a project using different characters, longer projects, and different locations. Using historical characters, your own picture, and other features are available for a liimited costs.

When creating a story, it is best to write out a script or story map. Writing a script or story board helps you to determine the characters needed to tell your story,  the setting of the story, and the words of the story. The picture below is my storyline.  

My Digital Storytelling – Storyline

I chose to use the Sock Puppets app to create my animated story project. I struggled with trying to tell my story in :30, so I looked into the extended time option. For an additional $0.99 I was able to make a :90 video. The purchase of the additional time allowed me to stick to my story line when creating the video. You can watch, Responding to Mean Comments, by using the link in the title.

Teachers can create animated stories to tell students the school/class rules, teach a concept or provide an entertaining option for sharing a story. Student-created projects using digitally-animated story apps could include re-writing the end of a story, telling a classic fairy tale from a different point of view, and/or explaining classroom rules. Given the time limits in the apps, it may be difficult to tell long stories but teachers and students could focus on one area of the story.  

Have you created animated stories to share with your students or had students use them to show their learning? Or do you have ideas for how digitally animated stories could be used with the curriculum? If so, please share your ideas in the comments or email me at marc@marcdaly.com. I look forward to continuing the discussion about animated story projects.