21 Things – Digital Study Skills

Using Quizlet, I created State Capitols Cards (use this link to access the cards) which allow the user to study state capitols. On one side I had the State Capitol. On the other side I had a map of the state and the name of the State. All of the maps included stars marking the location of the state capitol.


State Capitol Flashcards in Quizlet
I believe students can use Quizlet at any level to create great flash cards for reviewing key terms or key items in the curriculum. My business law students can use the flash cards to study the different laws or the breakdown of state and federal court systems. They would have access to the cards on their device. Students could be placed in groups to create a certain number of cards for each topic, then thy would be compiled and shared with classes. I think students would learn and remember those items they create themselves more than items created by others.

What is your experience with Quizlet? How do you use it in your classroom? Share your experiences, ideas and feedback in the comments or email me – marc@marcdaly.com.