21 Things – Engaging with Augmented Reality


Auugmented Reality with AR Flashcards
Augmented Reality (AR). I had heard the term many times, but never knew what it was. Being in a new position this last year, I did not have the time to investigate AR. However, I did get the opportunity to see it being used by our Young 5’s teacher.

Since I am not a classroom teacher and I work in the elementary school, I decided to investigate the AR apps for elementary. I was able to explore AR during this unit and engage my youngest daughters in the process. We looked at the AR Flashcards. The screenshot above is from the app when we were looking at the alphabet cards. This is D card. D for Dog. They enjoyed them. Elise is excited to be entering Young 5’s.

Additionally, we checked out the Quiver (formerly ColAR Mix) app. I had my daughter’s color pictures and then we looked at them through my iPad. The liked how the pictures became so big.


Colored AR Picture using Quiver App
While I am no linger in a classroom, like how the different AR apps could be used to engage elementary students and create connections to the curriculum. The flashcards stand out, as I used them with my daughters, as a way AR enhances learning because they were saying the sounds and the letters when looking at the pictures. We will use the AR Flashcards with outr 2-year-old as she wants to use them.I plan to take a look at the way AR is used in the upper grades and how I could use it in my current position.