21 Things – ePub Readers

Epub readers are digital books which can be read on an iPad. Many free books, for any age, are available through Amazon Kindle or iBooks, incluuding Classic literature.

I use my Kindle app often as I like to have many books available to me at any given time. I prefer reading several books concurrently, because I can read another book when I get to the end of the chapter or book. ePub books allow me to read any book, anywhere, at anytime with only one device. Otherwise, I would have to carry 20 books or more in a backpack to have the same availability.


My Kindle Bookshelf
In addition to the Kindle app, the iBooks app is available to use. Different free books are available through the iBooks app.As you can see I read a wide variety of books, and I have several unfinished books at any given time. The first book on my iBooks shelf is a poem I wrote about myself as part of my teaching portfolio. I converted it from a document to an ePub using an online converter and opened it in my iBooks app.


My iBooks Bookshelf
An eReader and a traditional book have different advantages. When choosing between the two types of books it is best tp consider the purpose for the books. eBooks provide options for students who may struggle with reading the text in a traditional book. An eBook allows the reader to adjust the size of the text for their advantage. eBooks allow students to carry several books at a time wiithout a large backpack, which may outweigh students below high school. eBooks may be written to cover the topics not available in different texts, such as a science teacher may create an eBook that includes links to different material for the chapter. Traditional books help the reader to make a connection with the text through the feel of the page. Traditional books can be lost, stolen, or destroyed, leaving the student to pay a fine. Devices can lost, stolen, or destroyed, but the eBooks are available to download again on another device. Usually, eBooks are much cheaper than the tranditional texts, making their purchase a viable option if your district has the availability to enough devices for all students.

Please share your comments, thoughts, and suggestions for free eBooks in the comments section below or email them to me at marc@marcdaly.com. I look forward to continuing the discussion with you and learning.