21 Things – iPad Basics – Customizing My  Home Screen


Previous home screen organization
When I first bought my iPad and began to add Apps, the screen quickly filled with icons. As the first page filled, then the second page, I sought to organize the apps. Organizing my apps allowed me to group them based on the different purposes for which I used the app. Organization of my apps into folders based on their purpose made it possible to have more apps on the front page. When you group apps, the iPad suggests a folder name based on the purpose; however, I usually create different names based on what I consider to be my purpose for grouping the apps.
Creating different folders makes it possible for me to set up specific folders for student use. I have organized my apps so that the apps used by my daughters or my students are in folder specifically marked, “Educational” or by my daughters’ names. When I utilize an iPad that is not organized with folders I struggle to find the apps I want to use.  
Current Home Screen Organization
In addition to placing my apps into different folder, I have set up five apps on my dock because they are some of my most commonly used apps. Having quick access to each of these apps allows me to open them quickly and frequently. My calendar is the most important app on my iPad because it is shared with my wife’s phone, which allows me to share appointments or answer availability questions quickly. Moreover, my work calendar is linked so I know my daily schedule.

Creating a custom home screen for use with students on a set of classroom iPads would allow me to lead students through the opening and working of a particular app. Depending on what grade level I would be using the iPads I would probably organize the apps differently. With students, grades K-4 I would not use folders, but I would continue to place the most common apps on the home screen. I believe grades 5-12 could be successful with understanding folder organization and employing it effectively to limit the number of screens and keep apps available.
Doing this assignment even led to the reorganization of my home screen. I recognized that I had two folders for the same purpose. Also, I decided to reprioritize my Dock since the some of the apps on the dock were no longer priority apps.