21 Things – Online Bookmarking


Diigo Bookmarks
 I have heard about but never explored Diigo, because I utilize Evernote for tracking almost everything. I do not believe I will use Diigo in the future. While I did not find it difficult to use I do not see the need to have another place to store Web site bookmarks.

I believe Evernote is very useful. I have found many ways to use it and keep myself organized. I have used Pinterest, too. However, I usually only go to Pinterest when I am looking for ideas not to bookmark Web sites. The potential for issues with storing information online and bookmarking Web sites online would be if those sites go out of business or are discontinued. I do not see Evernote or Pinterest being discontinued, any time soon, but I do not know enough about Diigo to make an evaluation of its continuing services. As with any online sources, there is always the concern for information being hacked. It happens. I try not to keep important information online, so I do not have to worry about it being compromised.

Do you utilize Diigo, Evernote, Pinterest or other online bookmarking sites? Please share your experiences and feedback in the comments or email me – marc@marcdaly.com.