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Innovative teachers have found ways to integrate technology into the learning process to engage students and further learning. When preparing to use technology in the classroom, Eric Sheninger(2014) suggests, “that sound pedagogical techniques and best practices are emphasized in order to effectively integrate technology to enhance teaching and learning” (p. 135). 

If you are not an educator, you may be wondering, what pedagogy is. Here is a definition:

Pedagogy-1)the function or work of a teacher; teaching; 2)the art and science of teaching; education; instructional methods. (dictionary.com)

To assist teachers in assessing their use of technology for learning, Dr. Ruben Puentedura created the SAMR model. SAMR consists of four different levels: substitution, augmentation, modification and redefinition. Substitution and augmentation of the learning through technology integration enhances the process. Transformation happens when the technology allows modification and redefinition of the learning (SAMR explained by students).

To provide a better understanding of how to evaluate technology integration, using the SAMR model, the following paragraphs provide a description of each level and a link to a video which provides an example of the level. Additionally, I will reflect on the correlation of the video examples between the SAMR model and Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. 

Substitution-technology that substitutes for another tool, but does not change the essence of the assignment. The device being used is providing an easier way to do the task. In the Mamaronek video (9th Grade iPad Initiative), the math teacher is teaching students to use the graphing function of an app to reflect the X-Axis and plot points on a graph (:14). Instead of having to plot the graph points on paper the students are able to use the computer application. This example of Substitution would fall under the Remembering level in Bloom’s because the students are using the app to identify and locate the X-Axis. 

Augmentation-technology substitutes for another tool, and improves the process of completing the task. The device makes the production of the assignment easier. At the 2:43 mark of the Mamaronek video (9th Grade iPad Initiative), the students are using the Notability app to write and document dialogue in Spanish. Using the app allows them to write and record the dialogue, so they don’t have to use several different tools to complete the assignment. Bloom’s levels of Understanding and Applying would best describe this task as the students are interpreting and implementing a conversation in Spanish. 

Modification-technology utilized allows for significant redesign of the assignment. The use of technology provides for making significant changes to the task being completed. Special education student in some Chicago schools (Government Technology Magazine) are using the app iConverse to take a field trip to the local grocery store. The students are able to find the items they are looking for and use the app for speaking with the grocery store staff (1:44). The app speaks for the students providing for better communication. Speaking with the iConverse app exhibits Bloom’s Analysing and Applying levels as the students are executing the purchase of items they have selected and comparing the responses of the grocery store staff to respond appropriately

Redefinition-technology allow for creation of new tasks that students would have been unable to complete previously. The technology makes it possible to redesign the entire project. Zeeland fifth graders use iPads to design an outdoor classroom in their Wetlands area, blog about their experience, and create commercials to sell wristbands thereby raising funds to an outdoor classroom project (:10). Designing, planning, producing, hypothesising, and experimenting best describes the tasks required by students in the completion of this project, consequently this task meets Bloom’s levels of Creating and evaluating.

Please take a few minutes to observe the videos, check out the SAMR model and Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, then provide me feedback concerning my examples. I debated and adjusted my choices many times before finalizing the post. Your thoughts may cause me to reopen my analysis but that is the idea of choosing to share my blog–to hear what others think and enhance my learning. 

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