21 things – Photo Editing

 Pictures can be a valuable asset in the process of supporting your curriculum, documenting learning, and assessing mastery. As a former English teacher, I recognize the possibilities of having students write about a picture. Pictures allow students to write the story behind the picture. The process encourages higher order thinking. Additionally, students could be asked to create a photo essay to explain a concept or display their learning. A group online learning  experience, like The Amazing Race, could be created to help assess students’ abilities to evaluate clues, determine resources, and take screenshots of the material  to support their learning.    

Photo editing allows you to adjust pictures by cropping the areas you don’t want others to view. Other options  are available through the iPad photos app.  The following pictures exhibit a couple of different ways to edit photos using apps on my iPad. 

Photo – Original -Testing the Water
This is an original photo of my 4-year-old daughter testing the water temperature.

I used the Crop feature to limit the area of the picture. Then I used the built-in filter, Noir, to change the overall look of the picture. It turned the water black. I used the Color feature to lighten up the color. Finally, I used the auto enhance feature to make the water dark. The results are the picture below:


Photo – Modified
I like the fact you can take a screenshot with an iPad. I use it to keep information that I want to save. Moreover I like to create quote images by using the backgrounds in my PowerPoint app and inserting a quote. I play the slideshow and take a screenshot. The screenshot is done by pushing the home button and the power/sleep button at the same time.  The screenshot below was created using the ESPN app. I chose to take a screenshot of the page for my favorite MLB team-the Detroit Tigers. 

Screenshot – Original
 I used the crop feature to limit the picture to just show the upcoming schedule for the Tigers, the Home button, the Sports button, and the ON–AIR button.


Screenshot – Modified

Pictures can be used in various ways to enhance and support your curriculum. The photo editing options allow you to adjust pictures, fix red eyes, and change the look of the picture.  

Additionally, pictures can be used for supporting and enhancing your curriculum in many ways. I only mentioned a few areas in the opening paragraph, but I invite you to share your ideas in the Comments. Please share ways you have used or could use photos to enhance your curriculum. Or you can email your comments to me at marc@marcdaly.com