21 Things – Photo Enhancement


Believe Nothing Quote

You have probably heard or seen this quote previously. You may have heard it was said by Edgar Allen Poe or any number of famous people. The truth of the quote lies not only in the quote, but the ability to modify the images and videos that has come with advancements in technology. My barber has several pictures of him in different places or cutting the haiir of famous people. They were given to him by a client. They are very believable photos.

Photo enhancements can be used with pictures and screenshots to help share information, assess learning, and provide more specific directions. As you can see in one of the pictures below, they can be used to create fun pictures like the one where the cat is asking me to open the basement door.

Below are a couple  examples of pictures that have been enhanced using Photo Shop and Skitch.

Original Photo – Playhouse
Modified with Photo Shop

Original Photo – Bailey


Modified with Skitch – Bailey