21 Things – Rocking Out Your Class or School

I listen to a number of podcasts and have read many articles on beginning a podcast. Many of the podcasts and articles suggest utilizing Garage Band ($4.99), a music creation and recording app, to begin creating a podcast. 

Until this task I had never taken the time to experiment with Garage Band, but I found it easy to use to create and record music. It allowed me to experiment with the different instruments and sounds before recording the audio. Like a recording studio, I was able to record, delete, and re-record individual tracks, until I had a sound I liked. 

I chose to create a short introduction to my classroom that I could play on a regular basis. It was simplistic and positive. I created it because I know students need to be reminded of the abilities. Use this link to give a listen to my announcement: Welcome to Mr. D.’s Room. I am including a screenshot of the different instruments and sound I used.

Audio creation can help students demonstrate learning by allowing students to record their stories and add sound to their stories. Students can use audio creation to record discussions about their learning, too. Or they can be recorded reading a book at different times of the year so the teacher can identify growth in fluency. Moreover, students could be producers of a school or class podcast that documents class learning, celebrates student growth, and communicates with parents. 

From my own experiences, I know audio creation can be used to engage the quiet students who don’t like to share in class. They are able to use the anonymity to speak up and share their learning.

What do you see as the value of audio creation in the classroom? How might you be able to use audio creation to enhance youur learning environment? Please provide your input and feedback in the comments or email me – marc@marcdaly.com. I look forward to hearing about your experiences with audio creation in the classroom.