21  Things – Sharing From an App

“If we just support each other, that is 90 percent of the problem.” – Ken Blanchard

In my journey of learning, I have often found articles, Web sites, podcasts, and resources that others may find useful, too. If I believe a colleague or member of my PLN would find it useful, I tend to share it with them. The Internet has made this easier as I no longer need to print or copy the information, I can simply post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. I can email the article or a link to the article.

Apps on iPads usually have a quick easy way to share. In the app, you will see what looks like a box or a tray with an arrow pointing up. 

Sharing Box in AP Mobile
 After clicking on the box, the app will provide you several options for sharing the article. The options are dependent on the apps you have on your iPad or the ones you have selected for sharing. In this picture, you see five options. Several other options are available as you slide through the options.


Sharing Options
I  like to share articles with students, colleagues, my PLN, and family. I can do this through the choices available to me. One of the best options is Google Classroom, as I have setup a classroom for asynchronous PD with my colleagues, as I work as a coach/mentor. In addition, I can send links via e-mail and text,  post to Twitter, Facebook, andGoogle+, and save to my Evernote account.

Here is an example of a link shared from NPR News posted to Twitter: 


Please share your questions, comments or feedback about sharing from an APP. You can post them in the comments below or email me at marc@marcdaly.com.