21 Things – Taking Your Class to the Movies

Creating movies to further learning or communicate with others has become easier with the plethora of movie making apps and programs available. Some of the apps are free and provide a few options for editing. Additional options are usually available for purchase.

iMovie ($4.99) is an iOS app on the iPad available in the iTunes Store. iMovie allows you to add photos or videos to a project, edit the length, and record audio to add to the project. iMovie allows you to create your own layout or you can utilize the movie trailer templates.

iMovie is easy to use. I have created projects alone and with students. The simplicity of going through your camera rolll to add videos or photos makes iMovie a valuable purchase if you want to incorporate videos into the classroom.

With about 15 minutes of taking pictures and video, then adding them into a trailer, I was able to create this fun project with my two youngest daughters. They enjoyed the attention of the camera and the completed project. 

Movie creation can provide a number of different ways to change your delivery method for instruction and communication with students and parents. Trailers can be created after the students have finished reading a book to show their learning. Students can narrate the trailer as a character from the book. Teachers can create a video to introduce a concept or project. I created a video to share with my colleagues, at a training, that explained and showed how one classroom was engaging students and encouraging recognition of other students for their positive traits. Video advertisements can be created for parents to encourage their involvement in PTCO and other school activities. Moreover, a video can be created and shared with parents to share our class learning and upcoming events. If students create the video, they will encourage parents to watch the video. Students will encourage parents to watch if they are included in the video, too.

Flip cameras, cell phones, and computers can be used in video creation. If your school allows students to use the use their phones in the classroom you could have them creating projects in a few minutes. Be careful to make sure your administrator understands what is your class is doing. Keep your parents informed and aware of the potential for increased data usage, so they can decide not to have their child use their phone.

How have you used movies in your class? What types of projects have students created? What issues do you foresee with using student devices? Share your experiences, concerns, and questions in the comments or email me – marc@marcdaly.com.