A Letter to My Younger Self  #Aprilblogaday

Advice to My Younger Self #Aprilblogaday

This month, I have decided to participate in the #Aprilblogaday challenge. To help with topics, I am using the prompts provided by Meredith Towne (@BklynMeredith) a teacher in Brooklyn, NY. Today’s prompt is: Advice to a first year me-If you knew then what you know now.

Twenty-two years ago, I thought I knew what I was getting into as I faced graduation and the possibility of having my own classroom. I will admit now, I truly knew nothing I would face.

I finished my student teaching, about this time in 1995. I enjoyed Spring Break, and then I started as a substitute teacher. Below is a letter I wish I had received when I started.


Congratulations! In the next month you will graduate and begin your journey as a professional educator.

In the next month, you will have a choice between keeping your word (subbing) and meeting President Bill Clinton. Trust the values you have developed. You will make the right decision. Honoring your commitment is the right thing to do. You may never get to meet a President, but you have shown you are dependable.

You will want to resume your education, in the fall, but you may want to consider all your options. While a M.A. in Middle Level Education may be enticing, your future students may receive a greater benefit if you choose a program in Special Education. The ideas you learn and use each day will benefit all students, not only those with special needs.

The silos of education cannot continue to exist. Utilize the changing world of the Internet for more than chat and email. Take time to learn the intricacies of technology and networks. They will play an important role in education.

Many great educators will cross your path. Have the courage to connect with them, network with them, and create a Mastermind group. Start connecting, sharing, and learning from educators in other buildings, districts, and states. Be willing to explore the possibilities of using new tech to expand your support network. Do not wait until 2013 to start using Twitter to connect with other professionals.

Start a blog to reflect on your learning. Be open with others about your struggles, failures, and successes. Without a willingness to share and be open, we cannot tear down the silos. Be consistent with your blog. It will be cathartic.

Read and comment on other blogs. Share blogs and podcasts with other who may benefit from the information. Your future and the future generations of students will forever be changed by your learning and that of others.

Live with COURAGE to be reflective, connected, and bold,

Your Future Self


Please let me know your thoughts about my blog. Your feedback is important in helping me to reflect, learn, and grow. Thank you for reading.
My Commitment – April Blog a Day Challenge
I have joined the #AprilBlogaday Challenge. The goal is to submit a blog entry every day in April. I will not promise each blog entry will be motivational, energetic, and thought-provoking. However, I will do my best to continue to reflect on my journey of learning and my areas of growth.