Continuously Seeking Growth #Aprilblogaday

This month, I have decided to participate in the #Aprilblogaday challenge. To help with topics, I am using the prompts provided by Meredith Towne (@BklynMeredith) a teacher in Brooklyn, NY. Today’s prompt is: Glows: What are your greatest strengths as Continue reading Continuously Seeking Growth #Aprilblogaday

21 Things – Online Bookmarking

     I have heard about but never explored Diigo, because I utilize Evernote for tracking almost everything. I do not believe I will use Diigo in the future. While I did not find it difficult to use I do Continue reading 21 Things – Online Bookmarking

21 Things – Organizing Workflow with Evernote

Since hearing about Evernote from Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life podcast and reading about the many potential uses for Evernote, I have been using it to organize my life and workflow. It has become the storage place for documenting my Continue reading 21 Things – Organizing Workflow with Evernote