Continuously Seeking Growth #Aprilblogaday

This month, I have decided to participate in the #Aprilblogaday challenge. To help with topics, I am using the prompts provided by Meredith Towne (@BklynMeredith) a teacher in Brooklyn, NY. Today’s prompt is: Glows: What are your greatest strengths as an educator?

I started this blog because I want to further my learning. The purpose is to reflect on what I have learned and how I can employ it in my classroom.

My desire to continue learning and growing is probably my greatest strength. I seek out learning through reading, podcasts, attending professional development opportunities (like nErDCamp).  I consider the ideas gathered, and I implement those which will work best for my students, my family and me.

One example of how my desire for learning has helped me grow, as an educator, is the understanding of how to create HyperDocs developed through reading The HyperDoc Handbook: Digital Lesson Design Using Google Apps by Highfill, Hilton, and Landis. Being able to create HyperDocs has given me the ability to give students a different learning experience. Listening to Michael Hyatt’s This Is Your Life podcast has helped me to develop my Web site, encouraged me to blog, and shared app ideas (like Evernote). Professional development opportunities have taught me about Google Classroom, flipped learning, and valuable extensions for Google Apps.

In addition to my learning and growth, I believe my ability to challenge others to seek learning and growth is another of my strengths. I listen, question, and encourage others every day to seek more from themselves, to ask questions, and push through plateaus. When appropriate, I share books, podcasts, and app ideas.

My love of learning and encouraging others to learn and grow are my greatest strengths. They are important in helping make me a better person, a better educator.


Please share your thoughts about my blog entries. Your feedback is important in helping me to reflect, learn, and grow.