Learner First, Teacher Second

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” -Marcel Proust

I wrote the following thoughts about 21 years ago as I prepared to graduate from Siena Heights College (nka Siena Heights University) and embark on my career as an educator. The thoughts were part of our reflective process of determining who we were and who we had become as we prepared our teaching portfolio.

Instead of writing an essay, I decided to write what some people might call poetry. I simply call it my thoughts. I will admit that one line probably come from my heavy listening to Kool Moe Dee’s “Knowledge is King” album. Click on the title to go to Amazon to listen to some outtakes.

Here are my thoughts as written in the Sping of 1995:

Learner first,
Teacher second.

I ask . . .
What can I do to grow?
What can I do to teach
              . . . all of you?

You tell me
Not always with words with
           . . . movement
           . . . eye contact
           . . . gestures
I learn from you
I see what works
I see what doesn't

Improvements I make
From your teachings
To help US to grwo
For both of US to see

Knowledge is King

For Knowledge provides
            . . . opportunities
            . . . successes
            . . . failures

Knowledge gives us ground to stand on
While not equal,
We have a base
From where to start our growth.

Differing experiences
Give us both the opportunity to share,
The possibility of growth,
Chances to be
A student of each other
          And teachers, too.

I am different from you
And yet like you
For I am a seeker of knowledge
A wealth of experience

Learner first,
Teacher second.


Share your thoughts and comments below. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about my thoughts. Please let me know what you think about my blog entries and help me to reflect and learn by commenting below.


My Commitment – April Blog a Day Challenge

I have joined the #AprilBlogaday Challenge. The goal is to submit a blog entry every day in April. I will not promise each blog entry will be motivational, energetic, and thought-provoking. However, I will do my best to continue to reflect on my journey of learning and my areas of growth.