PD – 21 Things 4 iPads

“Learner first. Teacher second.” -Marc Daly

I wrote these words many years ago as I reflected on my role in education. Being a learner requires the willingness to read, investigate, and engage with ideas. 

Nothing has changed my learning process more than technology. When I received my first iPod I discovered podcasts. They provoke thought and encourage trying new ideas. 
Buying my iPad lead to another world of discovery. This week I began a professional development opportunity titled, “21 Things 4 iPads,” provided by the REMC Association of Michigan. The objective is to learn and employ ways to help facilitate student learning through the use of iPads in the classroom. My objective is to explore learning options in the classroom and assist my colleagues in utilizing technology to enhance student learning. 

I am excited to begin this journey with six of my colleagues. Several colleagues have taken the course previously and shared how it enhanced their classroom environment. Over the next several weeks you will see a number of posts from me reflecting on my learning as I process through the course.