21 Things – Evaluating Apps

Have you ever heard about an app or program and decided to use it with your students only to find out there are limitations which prevent you from using it? Or you began using the app with students only to Continue reading 21 Things – Evaluating Apps

21 Things – Screencasting

Screencasting is the recording of your screen and voice for the purpose of describing a topic or explaining a skill. Screencasting allows a teacher to create a lecture about a subject or video explanation of specific skills to allow students Continue reading 21 Things – Screencasting

21 things – Photo Editing

 Pictures can be a valuable asset in the process of supporting your curriculum, documenting learning, and assessing mastery. As a former English teacher, I recognize the possibilities of having students write about a picture. Pictures allow students to write the Continue reading 21 things – Photo Editing

21 things – Crafting a PLN Through Social Media

   You may be wondering, “What is a PLN?” Depending on your purpose or preference, it can be called a ‘Personal Learning Network’ or a ‘Profesional Learning Network.’ Whatever you choose to call it, a PLN is a group of Continue reading 21 things – Crafting a PLN Through Social Media

21 Things – Pedagogy

  Innovative teachers have found ways to integrate technology into the learning process to engage students and further learning. When preparing to use technology in the classroom, Eric Sheninger(2014) suggests, “that sound pedagogical techniques and best practices are emphasized in Continue reading 21 Things – Pedagogy