21 Things – Classroom Tools

“It can be difficult to keep up with the new digital opportunities, and it can be hard to assess which digital tools students should be presented with and for which educational contexts they are appropriate.” E. Sheninger,  Digital Leadership. (2014). Many Continue reading 21 Things – Classroom Tools

21 Things –  Monitoring Behavior Digitally

  “Have you ever heard of Dojo?” my wife asked. Then she preceded to tell me the story of a co-worker’s child and his classroom experience. His teacher was using ClassDojo as a Behavior Management system within their class. The teacher Continue reading 21 Things –  Monitoring Behavior Digitally

21 Things – Communicating  with Students and Parents

Want to send your students a reminder of a project due on Monday? Or remind them to bring their library book or gym shoes tomorrow? How do you communicate this without spending all night on the phone? Remind (formerly Remind Continue reading 21 Things – Communicating  with Students and Parents