21 Things – Online Bookmarking

     I have heard about but never explored Diigo, because I utilize Evernote for tracking almost everything. I do not believe I will use Diigo in the future. While I did not find it difficult to use I do Continue reading 21 Things – Online Bookmarking

21 Things – Digital  Dictionaries

Do you remember seeing the huge book in the corner of the library growing up? It was the size of a small TV. It was always open, but nobody was ever reading it. Remember it now? Did you ever go Continue reading 21 Things – Digital  Dictionaries

21 Things – Citing Sources Digitally

   Do you have students struggling to create Bibliographies and Cite sources in their papers? One way to help them is  through to introduce them to apps like EasyBib that make the creation of a bibliography possible by having th Continue reading 21 Things – Citing Sources Digitally