Weekends-Family Time

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” -Unknown

I am participating in the #AprilBlogADay challenge. The prompts are provided by Meredith Towne (@BklynMeredith) a teacher in Brooklyn, NY. Today’s prompt is “Weekends…how do you structure your time? Do you have boundaries?”

I am an early riser during the week. Weekends are no different. Monday through Friday I wake at 4:00 A.M. Saturday and Sunday I am up around 6:00.

I get up early for quiet time and me time. Quiet time doesn’t happen when the children are awake.

I follow the same routine every morning. Quiet time comes first, then I read email, check social media or read a book.

Consequently, when the girls and Tennile wake up, I am able to be present with them. We usually head to the Y for the girls’ swim lessons and a workout on Saturday morning. On Sundays we go to church and the rest of the day is open.

I save afternoon nap time or Sunday nights for grading my college courses. Depending on what needs graded I may need to lose some sleep.

I lost the rest of my original post by switching between my tablet, phone, and laptop. I have tried to reconstruct
the original thoughts below.

My weekends haven’t always been devoted to family. For 34 years, I operated a mobile dj business meaning my Fridays and Saturdays were occupied by work. I recognize I missed many opportunities with my older children. I regret the lost time with them, but it provided many opportunities for our family. When my younger children were born, I was in a different situation, and I was able to work less on the weekends.

I work hard during the week to make sure my work is completed, so I can dedicate weekends to family.


Share your thoughts and comments below. I look forward to continuing the conversation about how you spend your weekends. Please let me know what you think about my blog entries and help me to reflect and learn by commenting below.


My Commitment – April Blog a Day Challenge

I have joined the #AprilBlogaday Challenge. The goal is to submit a blog entry every day in April. I will not promise each blog entry will be motivational, energetic, and thought-provoking. However, I will do my best to continue to reflect on my journey of learning and my areas of growth.