Winning With Technology #Aprilblogaday

This month, I have decided to participate in the #Aprilblogaday challenge. To help with topics, I am using the prompts provided by Meredith Towne (@BklynMeredith) a teacher in Brooklyn, NY. Today’s prompt is: Teaching Win: Where have you grown the most this year?

Most people think for there to be a winner, there has to be a loser, However, teaching is a profession where the concept of “win-win” is the premise of job. Educators work together to help students and teachers succeed.

My greatest growth, this year, is minor in many ways–I have learned better ways to utilize technology for effectiveness and efficiency. I have learned to use the G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education) to plan, collaborate, and assess. Every day, I have grown more proficient with Google Classroom. I have learned the tricks of assigning work, so each student gets a copy or they can view my files. I have learned how to use suggestion mode to allow others to provide suggestions for writing projects. I have been able to use Classroom to give students assignments and answer questions, when I was out for the day.

I have had them work individually and collaboratively using G Suite. I have used the skills learned to challenge students to create advertisements, new reports, and presentations.I have encouraged them to use their knowledge to create videos and screen-casts, which showcase their learning.

While I have learned to use technology, through courses and unconferences, I had not had the opportunity to employ these skills in a K-12 classroom. This year, has given me the opportunity to develop better working knowledge of technology in the classroom. My students have helped to guide my learning, by explaining the ‘make everyone a copy’ feature and being patient with my errors in employing Google Classroom.

This year has been a true learning experience, as I have experienced the joys and pains of a 1:1 classroom, electronic texts, and Internet glitches. I have learned the need for an alternative plan or for a cell phone to provide a hotspot, should the network go down (It did on presentation day–glad, I had my phone). Moreover, I have gained insight valuable for improving student learning opportunities.


Please share your thoughts about my blog entries. Your feedback is important in helping me to reflect, learn, and grow.